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Our independent financial advisers can help analyse the best ways to save for you and your family's future.

Our approach is simple; we listen, we understand, and we advise, so that together we can build the correct savings to suit your personal circumstances.

And we are always on hand – at the end of a phone or email – to help evolve your strategy quickly should your circumstances change.

Stocks and shares ISA

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) allow you to hold up to £20,000 of investments tax-free.

While a cash ISA is simply a tax-free savings account, a stocks and shares ISA is a tax-efficient investment account that lets you put money into range of different investments, including unit trusts, open-ended investment companies and investment trusts, as well as government bonds and corporate bonds.

You can also buy individual company shares and put them into your ISA. So, unlike cash ISAs, you should only invest if you're prepared to take the risk that your investments can go down, as well as up, in value.

ISAs offer a unique range of benefits:

  • No Income Tax is payable on interest payments which are made by bond funds
  • No higher-rate tax is payable on dividends which are paid by equity funds (you can't claim back the 10% dividend tax paid by the fund in an ISA)
  • You can access your money whenever you need to, but it cannot be returned (if you withdraw your ISA, you will automatically lose all of its tax benefits)
  • Income from an ISA does not affect your personal allowance or age-related allowance
  • No Capital Gains Tax is payable on any growth you may achieve, so you could use withdrawals to increase your income when necessary

Saving for your children

Although children don't usually have income of their own, what they do have is time on their side.

The earlier you start them off saving, the more chance the money has to grow. This can be particularly welcome when, for example, they need funds for higher education or buying their first home.

Junior ISAs offer investors a straightforward way to save for a child's future and offer similar tax advantages to 'adult' ISAs but with a lock-in, making the child's investment inaccessible until they turn 18.

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