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Group Pensions

Retirement planning has increasingly become one of the most complex areas of all financial planning.

Exactly what are an employer’s obligations in relation to the provision of retirement pensions for employees? What liabilities do the employers take on when introducing a suitable scheme for employees? Do existing schemes comply with current rules and regulations?

These questions, coupled with compulsion regarding employee and employer contributions and yet further changes to the state pension provisions, make it essential for employers to seek professional advice in this area.

How we can help

We recognise that each business is unique with its own specific needs.

Competition in the pension-provider market has increased significantly in the last few years. Insurance company pension schemes have reduced their charges and a number of new low-cost providers have entered the market to challenge the traditional providers, particularly around auto-enrolment.

Providers seek to differentiate themselves in different ways, offering different kinds of pension scheme, different features and benefits, and an array of different investment options.

The needs of your organisation, the contribution structure of the pension scheme and the financial knowledge of your employees will all have a bearing on the suitability of each provider.

Generally there are a number of key areas to consider when selecting a pension provider. If you are looking for a company pension that suits the needs of your organisation and your employees, our consultants can help your business find and arrange the best pension scheme on the most preferential terms.

The process of communicating, evaluating and measuring, then reviewing the return on investment in benefits must be continuous to succeed.

Whether you are considering the introduction of a new scheme for your employees, have concerns about an existing scheme, or simply want an audit and report on your benefit provision Aberdein Considine can help.

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Our client promise

At Aberdein Considine Wealth, we have a simple five-point promise to all of our clients.

  • "Peter and his team provide a proactive service to us and deliver consistently good results. Our plans are regularly reviewed and reported to me. Staff are kept informed of developments which should concern them and have access to advice on a regular basis via clinics and one-to-one sessions."


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