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Great benefits require great communication

Employee Communication

Whichever route you choose, from a package of fixed employee benefits through to a fully-flexible scheme, communication with employees is of major importance.

Our Corporate Benefit advisers are here to help you create an employee communication plan that truly fits your needs, both today and in the future.

Adding to your brand

Everything we do or say is part of an overall strategy that will attract, motivate, retain and engage employees.

Unlike many of our competitors, all of our advisers are fully regulated and our initial and ongoing communications strategy for your scheme will both educate and engage your employees to maximise the impact and take-up of your benefits package.

There is a wealth of evidence to support the view that staff who value their benefits packages tend to be happier and more loyal to their employers. Our consultants can help employees to understand fully the value of their benefits.

Aberdein Considine’s integrated employee solutions are structured to suit every requirement.

Our experienced personnel can assist employees to make the right, informed decisions to achieve a structured approach to their individual benefits and protection issues. After all, effective communication is vital to any good employee benefits programme.

Why Choose Us?

Our client promise

At Aberdein Considine Wealth, we have a simple five-point promise to all of our clients.

  • "Peter and his team provide a proactive service to us and deliver consistently good results. Our plans are regularly reviewed and reported to me. Staff are kept informed of developments which should concern them and have access to advice on a regular basis via clinics and one-to-one sessions."

  • "I don't usually make recommendations, but I would highly recommend Peter Mutch and the team at Aberdein Considine. Peter has given both me and my organisation a truly outstanding professional service for all of 25 years. I would have absolutely no worries or concerns in recommending Peter to your organisation."

  • We have recently had the pleasure of arranging a financial wellbeing session for our employees with Aberdein Considine. What I particularly appreciated about the session was that it was practical, and the speakers provided us with actionable steps and strategies that we could implement to manage finance.


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